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Most men live without impact and die without legacy.
As boys we were all heroes; willing to fight, with a belief that we could win.  But things changed. The world wore us down.

As men we quit the fight, we traded adventure for security and tasks took over missions. We gave up our place in the story to become place holders. We put down our swords but our hearts still remember the fight. The drums of war still haunt our souls and lift our heads because we were made for more, because our hearts still remember the call of the King.

This world needs what you bring. What you were made to do. And there is no one else who can take your place. This is what we are about. We can’t promise success and we guarantee suffering but walk with us and you’ll never wonder if you’ve made a difference, never have to stand in front of that throne with no scars to show.

We are more than exiles. We are instruments of change. Come join the few…

Boot Camp is where it all starts. The first step into the arena where we take back our masculine hearts. A look at our beginnings, a look at what we have become, and a look at Jesus, the Man. Patterned off the Wild at Heart book this retreat is an intensive on freedom and is the backbone of Life House’s masculine journey.

Coming Soon.

The next level. At Boot Camp you took back your heart, now it’s time to take the fight into the world. Special Ops will teach you the art of war, and train you to become an effective soldier in Christ’s Kingdom. Here you will learn to impact the world around, be equipped to carry out your mission successfully and to set others free through Jesus.

Coming Soon.