Statement of Beliefs

This is what we believe:

Father God is the creator of all life. He is completely holy, and truth itself. He is full of love, laughter and compassion. From the very beginning God set into motion a rescue plan for us so that through His Son, Jesus, we all may become part of His family.

Jesus is our Lord and the very foundation of our church. He's the Son of God, our Hero and best friend. He came down to earth, lived a perfect life and then he died and rose again. All so he could save us from our sin, make a way for us to have relationship with our Father, and empower us to lead abundant and exceptional lives.

Holy Spirit
The Holy Spirit is with every believer, always. He convicts us of our sin, guides us, comforts us and empowers us to lead an exceptional life; just like Jesus.

The Bible
The Bible is a 100% truth, full of life, really powerful, so relevant to our daily life, and points us to God over and over again.

The Church
The Church is significant. It's not a building or a denomination, it's you and me. A gathering of believers. We believe in the power of the Church. When we move as one. When we move as family. That's what Life House is to us.

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